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The Obama Deception: Savior or Cruel Hoax?

Submitted by on April 14, 2009 – 11:43 pm2 Comments


Whether you love Obama or hate Obama, Democrat or Republican, I recommend you take the time to see this perspective on who pulls the strings in this world and what their agenda appears to be.  This has a conspiracy tone (created by Alex Jones of to it but it presents some very useful concepts.

I no longer consider myself Republican or a Democrat.  I really like the fact that a non-white male was elected to this important post.  I certainly hope for great leadership for our country and would be willing to back anyone willing to fight for the people of this country. Black, white, Republican or Democrat, I really don’t care.

But there is more going on than meets the eye and it can be seen if we are willing to open our eyes. Could what they talk about in this film be true? Unfortunately, I think a lot of what is talked about here is true.  And this absolutely scares me.

What I find most disheartening is to watch people place such hope in a single man.  I see people holding this man up as their savior.  People want change desperately and I do too but to see hope so misplaced is simply dumb founding.  I am amazed at how foolish people can be.  They look to a single man, a politician even, believing he means what he says to them.  They believe that he can save them.

What will happen to these people when hope is replaced by a sense of betrayal?  Will people realize that the only answers to their problems lies within themselves and their local community?  Will it be too late to seek God and take personal responsibility for our future?

Don’t come to conclusions without investigating the facts of a matter. Watch this, investigate for yourself and then decide on the matter.  And start praying.


  • Troy Anderson says:

    What a terrible film.

    For example:

    At 1:43, they say this while showing a clip of one of the planes hitting the twin towers on 9/11: “Be aware of the tricks that the elite use, like the staging of false flying terror attacks and other crises.”

    Really? That was a staged terrorist attack? Wow, what garbage.

  • E says:

    Actually, there are a lot of questions surrounding 9/11 which are very legitimate. I was really shocked when I first began looking into it. I recommend taking a look at some of the resources on this site related to 9/11.

    I truly believe that the two party debate is a worthless side show. Neither party has it right and the majority in both parties are deeply compromised by special interests to the point where they no longer serve the people of this country. The system is broken. People should really be focused on who is fighting for them and who is fighting against them. Placing hope in a party or one man is naive and lazy. Obama as savior is misplaced hope. People need to start working together at the local level. That’s this country’s only hope.

    The jury is still out on Obama though so far he appears to be acting a lot like Bush as most of his actions go against many of his election promises of change. I tend to think that no president makes it to that office without the blessing of the powers that be. However, sometimes the chosen ones do have a change of heart (JFK) and betray the powers that be at great personal cost.

    It is conceivable that Obama is playing that role. For a potential way this could play out, see this link:

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